Brits in Europe

In the run up to the EU referendum I photographed British people living in Europe. From Morris dancers in Denmark and archers in Estonia, to students in Spain and pantomime fairies in Italy, this project captures the stories of people who decided to leave Britain to create new lives for themselves.

Featuring portraits of British people living in 7 different EU countries, the project now brings into question the uncertain future these people face after the momentous EU referendum result.

On the 24th June, shockwaves were sent around the globe and 1.2 million British people living in Europe awoke to news that the United Kingdom was to divorce from the European Union. No-one knows what will happen to these people now. Will they lose their right to residency? Will they lose their pension? Will they be able to own their own businesses or access healthcare? Only time will tell. My hope for the project is to get people to look at the European debate from a different point of view. In particular when thinking about immigration I want people to move beyond the stereotypes and statistics and see the human stories.

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