Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is a campaign that has sparked millions of conversations about mental health. By literally drawing people’s most difficult thoughts on their faces, lettering artist Kate Forrester and I have inspired others to open up about their own mental health. It’s ok to not feel ok. Speak up. Let’s Talk.

Everyone featured in the project has had mental health difficulties. I interviewed each volunteer to find out how they would describe these in their own words. Kate and I then picked out words and phrases from the interview which we felt best explained each person’s experience. On the day of the photoshoot Kate spent a couple of hours hand-lettering these words onto the person’s face. Having literally put their toughest thoughts out in the open, I then photographed them whilst they talked about their life, their passions and their difficulties.

Let’s Talk is working closely with The Photography Movement to exhibit the project in workplaces, public spaces and other locations to help encourage people to talk more about mental health. To find out more click here: LINK

The project was launched in October 2018 on World Mental Health Day as an outdoor exhibition in Regent’s Place, London, in partnership with British Land, it then travelled around the city to Paddington Central and Broadgate sparking hundreds of thousands of conversations. Let’s Talk was exhibited outdoors again for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 in Guildhall Yard, London, in partnership with The City of London, Cision, Beazley, and VisMedia.Agency. As well as the outdoor exhibitions, the campaign has also be displayed indoors in many galleries, workplaces and conferences as a way of helping people to talk more about mental health. Alongside this we’ve also hosted panel discussions and events to encourage people to feel more able to talk. If you’d like to feature the exhibition please get in touch.

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