Mazatlán is a beautiful city on the coast of Sinaloa, Mexico. A town full of colour, culture and food. And the town that gave birth to Pacifico beer. For the relaunch of this brand I was asked to capture the feeling of its home. 

Working with an incredible team from New London, I was actively encouraged to approach the project as I saw best. We spent hours chatting about the brand, their history and their aims for the future. I was trusted to tell that story. And there was no better way than to experience it and capture what I saw. 

A moment of calm. That was the best way to summarise my brief. To capture those moments we all wish we had more of. I spent a week in Mazatlan, creating an image library for the brand, it’s out of home campaign, and video content to feature on it’s social channels. I spent my time with oyster divers as they emerged from the sea, haggling in fish markets with busy fishermen, wading through waves, diving into tortillerias, and climbing the many winding streets of the city to see what was round the next corner. 

I was in photography heaven. Getting up before sunrise to enjoy the best light, shooting all day until I ran out of the sun’s rays, before collapsing on my bed tired but eager to do it all over again.

Huge thanks to Federico, Pato and everyone at New for collaborating with me. It was a joy working with you guys. Big thanks also to the team at Germaine Walker for all their support through this project. And massive thanks to Pacifico for putting their trust in me. 

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