Royal British Legion – Tribute Ink

Have you ever thought about the stories behind someone’s tattoos? For many in the armed forces community their tattoos are a lasting way to remember. I created a national touring exhibition focusing on this that brought a new view on remembrance. 

For the sailors, soldiers and airmen who are regularly asked to sacrifice for their country, Remembrance is part of their culture. And tattoos are a significant and permanent act of Remembrance with a deep history in the British Armed Forces. Inked onto the skin, they commemorate friends who have served, illustrate personal sacrifices and mark the lasting bonds formed between the men and women who live, train and fight together.

I created Tribute Ink with the Royal British Legion, travelling around the UK documenting tattoos in serving members and veterans. I discovered personal stories of sacrifice, bravery and comradeship, and I was touched, moved and amazed. It was an honour telling these people’s stories with my photographs.

The Tribute Ink exhibition launched at The National Memorial Arboretum in Sept 2019, and has since gone on to travel around the UK being shown in places such as the National Army Museum and on armed forces bases. Find out more: LINK


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