Xiaomi Masterclass

“Creating a great portrait is all about those special moments, when everything comes together and you get that honest moment of connection.”

Xiaomi asked me to create a masterclass for them on portrait photography.

I talk about discovering the power of portraits with my Let’s Talk project, create colourful images of jewellery designer Beverly Quintal, tell you how I prepare for a shoot, take you on a tour of our set, and explain how I work with people to create those moments that make the best portraits.

Massive thanks to the team involved:

Jewellery Designer and talent – Beverly Quintal
Production – Germaine Walker
Agency – B.E.N.
DOP – Nico Hambleton
Editor – Gary Askham at Quality Control
Sound – Matthew Boyle
Styling – Efe Igbinadolor
Make up – Michele Rowbotham
Photo Assistants – Robin Bernstein and Rebecca Gray
Digi tech – OuiDigi
Lettering artist for Let’s Talk – Kate Forrester

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