Hotel Portofino
Eagle Eye Drama

Last year I was invited to take a trip to the Hotel Portofino, the fictional setting of the television drama by the same name. I had been asked to shoot the international key art for season two of this glamorous series, which follows the stories of a British family running a grand hotel in 1920s Italy. Hotel Portofino is being released worldwide, so it’s really exciting that the poster will be popping up in Italy, Australia, and beyond.

Full of characters, costumes, and covert love triangles, the production company Eagle Eye asked me to come up with a way of showcasing the character dynamics for their key art. I soon discovered that a scene in Season 2 takes place in a casino, and instantly my visual mind got excited – could we get all the key characters around a poker table, plotting, scheming and cheating? That would make an awesome poster wouldn’t it? Thankfully the production team agreed, and the planning started.

Planning a shot like this is complicated, especially when the first time you’ll visit the set is on the morning of the actual photography… The location we chose was in Croatia, inside a stunningly ornate hall dripping with gold and artwork which I recced remotely, scouring pictures from our scout. I decided it would be best to place our poker table and cast against  a green curtain to frame the leading actress, the gold and red walls beyond fading off into darkness.

I was inspired by tableaus in classical painting and brilliant TV and film visuals – Da Vinci’s Last Supper was an obviously strong reference, but so too was imagery from Casino Royal and The Sopranos. One of the biggest challenges was logistics – we weren’t sure if the whole cast would be present at the same time, so I had to plan ways of getting lots of interaction between the characters whilst capturing them separately in small groups. The best way to work anything out is to test, so I mocked up the scene in my studio here in London (see below) – a green colorama taking the place of the ornate curtain, and a tired old table the poker table. I asked my studio mates, assistants and others (me) to sit in for the cast – this not only allowed us to test the lighting approach, but also to play with the interactions between the cast and to find the best composition. It split easily into three groups incase we couldn’t get everyone together (but fortunately, we were lucky on the day).

To make the most of all the wonderful characters in the series we were eager to also capture individual and smaller group portraits, simpler pictures that would still reference the feeling of the series. We designed and built a beautiful deep blue art deco wall, against which to show off the amazing costumes. Working closely with each actor, we took key moments from the script and recreated the emotions and dynamics of those scenes. From shock, to mischief, to complex love triangles, we had great fun capturing the many layers of Season 2.

Massive thanks to Eagle Eye for asking me to create this artwork, it was so much fun working with you all.

Hotel Portofino - Eagle Eye Drama — Charlie Clift

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 - AP40 Winners – BAFTA and National Theatre - Charlie Clift

AP40 Winners – BAFTA and National Theatre

Very lovely to hear I to have two projects chosen as AP40 winners! BAFTA Film Awards 2023 Portraits set – huge thanks Claire Rees, Jordan Anderson and everyone at BAFTA for making this project happen. AND Dame Harriet Walter for The House of Bernarda Alba poster image photographed for the National Theatre image – massive thanks Billy Bull and Jen Dennis and the whole team at the National Theatre.

Robert Downey Jr. - BAFTA - BAFTA Film Awards 2024 - Charlie Clift

BAFTA Film Awards 2024

It was an honour to return to the Royal Festival Hall to create portraits at Britain’s biggest night in cinema – the BAFTA Film Awards. It was the night that Christopher Nolan won his first golden masks, Da’Vine Joy Randolph moved us to tears and Michael J. Fox gave a very special appearance. In my portrait studio Robert Downey Jr. danced whilst Cillian Murphy took it all in, Paul Mescal giggled with Andrew Scott, Hannah Waddingham did the twist, and it was a joy to have Cate Blanchett back in front of my camera again. On the 5th floor, away from the dazzling lights of the ceremony, I built an intimate space allowing my sitters a moment of release after the emotions felt on stage. Taking inspiration from Richard Avedon’s early work, I flooded my set in light reminiscent of an artist’s workshop – soft and gentle. Mixed with the...

David Tennant - BAFTA 2024 Film Awards  - David Tennant – EE BAFTA Film Awards - Charlie Clift

David Tennant – EE BAFTA Film Awards

David Tennant will be hosting the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2024. Spot him on a billboard near you soon – if you see one do send me a snap. I photographed David at BAFTA’s home on Piccadilly to promote one of films biggest nights, and I can’t wait to join him there in a couple of weeks camera in hand! Big thanks to the fab team who made it happen. BAFTA photography team: Claire Rees, Jordan Anderson and Ellie Elliot. BAFTA Marketing Lead: Natalie Paszkowski Styling: Cheryl Konteh Photography Assistants: Phil Hardman & Rosie Alice Wilson Grooming: Stevie Smith Retouching: Melissa Morgan Graphic Design: Abigail Bills

One Young World Belfast - Vanity Fair - One Young World – Vanity Fair - Charlie Clift

One Young World – Vanity Fair

Two days, seventeen incredible people, so many fascinating conversations. One minute discussing biodiversity, the next AI and healthcare, from the leaders of the worlds biggest charities to fearless campaigners for women’s right. It was such an honour meeting these amazing people who are changing our world for the better with their enthusiasm and expertise. Featuring: Adwoa Aboah, Vilas Dhar, Angela F. Williams, Kat Graham, Rupi Kaur, Sagufta Salma Janif, Nicholas Kee, Aidan Gallagher, Diwigdi Valiente, Lucy Hale, Ivana Feldfeber, Sara Wahedi, Rana Hajirasouli, Hasina Safi, Abdoul Ouahabo, Kevin Dipama, Manoly Sisavanh, and Ralph Nicolai V. Nasara Massive thanks to the amazing team who made this happen. Art Director: Duarte Soares Producers: Eolande Diaz, Nura Abdela Project manager: Olivia Hicks 1st Assistant: Oliver Mayhall 2nd Assistant: Jack McGuire Hair & Make-up Artist: Maria Comparetto Retouching: Lou Dedieu Production support: Germaine Walker Special Thanks: Merchant Belfast & 1G1 Studio Belfast

Simon Pegg - Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures / The BBC - Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures – The BBC - Charlie Clift

Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures – The BBC

We brought photography and an iconic illustrator together to celebrate Quentin Blake Box Of Treasures. A series of six of Sir Quentin’s classic books are being brought to life on screen in a full animated series for BBC iPlayer and CBBC. Voiced a wonderful line up of talent; Simon Pegg, Nina Sosanya, Adrian Lester and Alison Steadman. What a dream brief! Working with such creative people to bring these ideas to life, it was so much fun watching the beautiful illustration adding a whole other element to my portraits. Senior Creative – Samantha Ratcliffe Animation CD – Massimo Fenati Production – Georgina Williams at The BBC Support – everyone at Eagle Eye Drama Photo assistant – Phil Hardman Production support – Germaine Walker    

The Couple Next Door - Eagle Eye Drama / Channel 4 - The Couple Next Door – Channel 4 / Eagle Eye Drama - Charlie Clift

The Couple Next Door – Channel 4 / Eagle Eye Drama

Things got steamy on set during the photography for Channel 4’s deliciously dark new drama. Catch Eleanor Tomlinson and Alfred Enouch alongside Sam Heughan and Jessica De Gouw, as two couples who become ever more entangled. Such a great cast to work with to create just the right moments to promote this new series. And if you’re in the US, look out for the show on Starz next year… Big thanks to the amazing team at Eagle Eye Drama, Becky Allin and Carl Palmer at Channel 4, Nile Bates at Starz, lighting tech Pim Van Baalen, and production support from Germaine Walker.  

Ulster American - Riverside Studios - Ulster American – Riverside Studios - Charlie Clift

Ulster American – Riverside Studios

Woody Harrelson, Andy Serkis and Louisa Harland all in one play… count me in. I directed the trailer and photographed the campaign for this limited run pitch-black comedy. Grab your tickets here: LINK

Eric Cantona - The Sunday Times Culture - Eric Cantona – The Sunday Times Culture - Charlie Clift

Eric Cantona – The Sunday Times Culture

Eric Cantona, former legendary footballer, now singer – a marvellous performer in front of my lens. Great fun making this with him. Big thanks to Adam Hearn for sending me to meet him.

The House of Bernarda Alba - National Theatre - The House of Bernarda Alba – National Theatre - Charlie Clift

The House of Bernarda Alba – National Theatre

The House of Bernarda Alba starring Dame Harriet Walter. My first poster for the National Theatre! Grab your tickets. Thanks to the brilliant Harriet Walter who was a dream to collaborate with. Massive thanks also to Billy Bull and Jen Dennis, so great working with you . Assistant ace Philip Hardman, production support Germaine Walker.  

Sir Michael Palin - The Sunday Times Magazine - Sir Michael Palin – The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Sir Michael Palin – The Sunday Times Magazine

  Michael Palin is a national treasure. And a bit of a hero of mine, I grew up laughing at Monty Python. To say I was excited to meet Sir Michael was an understatement. But I was also nervous, would he be as creative and collaborative as I hoped? Well, meet you heroes people, at least certainly if they are Michael Palin. He was everything a collaborator could want, and also the kindest, nicest man as well. Big thanks Louise Fenerci for the assingnment Cover design by Dan Biddulph Grooming by Emma Leon Styling by Michael Palin Read Richard Coles interview with Sir Michael here: LINK