- Hannah Fry – Bloomberg - Charlie Clift

Hannah Fry – Bloomberg

Wonderful to work with the brilliant Professor Hannah Fry again, to promote her first show with Bloomberg TV, ‘The Future with Hannah Fry’. In this show, Hannah explores a world where computers can read our emotions, a planet transformed by unlimited clean energy, and living until 150 years old – and more. Hannah is an amazing presenter, and a bit of a genius, and I wanted to capture her upbeat personality for her new audience in the States. It was lovely to work closely with stylist Karen Smyth to create different looks and to achieve a variety of feelings across the portraits. More images will be released globally, so you might see them popping up. Big thanks to everyone involved – it was awesome to work with the brilliant teams from Bloomberg and Mirador Talent Management again, and thanks as always to Phil and Olly for their top assistance.

James Norton photographed in West London Studio for The Sunday Times Culture - American Photography 39 – Winner - Charlie Clift

American Photography 39 – Winner

My portrait of James Norton has been selected as a winning image in the American Photography Awards, and will be published in the AP39 book. A further two of my portraits, another of James Norton and one of Nadine Dorries, will also be published on the AI-AP website. I’m delighted to say this is my second year in print and my third on the website. See the full set of James Norton portraits here: LINK, and the Nadine Dorries set here: LINK.

 - Carlos Bayala – New Creative Sciences - Charlie Clift

Carlos Bayala – New Creative Sciences

I never know what will happen on a shoot, especially when working with another creative mind. Great fun collaborating with the force that is Carlos Bayala of New London. Besides being a leader in his field, I learned Carlos also has a penchant for tango music and maté – what else could you expect from a proud Argentinian? Thanks to Olly for assisting, Emma for grooming, and Cecily for painting. Thanks also to Fede for courier-ing over some maté over to the shoot!

Hotel Portofino - Eagle Eye Drama - Hotel Portofino – Eagle Eye Drama - Charlie Clift

Hotel Portofino – Eagle Eye Drama

Last year I was invited to take a trip to the Hotel Portofino, the fictional setting of the television drama by the same name. I had been asked to shoot the international key art for season two of this glamorous series, which follows the stories of a British family running a grand hotel in 1920s Italy. Hotel Portofino is being released worldwide, so it’s really exciting that the poster will be popping up in Italy, Australia, and beyond. Full of characters, costumes, and covert love triangles, the production company Eagle Eye asked me to come up with a way of showcasing the character dynamics for their key art. I soon discovered that a scene in Season 2 takes place in a casino, and instantly my visual mind got excited – could we get all the key characters around a poker table, plotting, scheming and cheating? That would make an awesome poster...

Austin Butler - BAFTA - BAFTA Film Awards 2023 - Charlie Clift

BAFTA Film Awards 2023

  It was a dream come true photographing the official portraits at the 2023 BAFTA Film Awards. Austin Butler oozed charm, Cate Blanchett celebrated her fourth golden mask, Ariana DeBose exuded energy, and Rami Malek gave me one beautiful jump; it was a joy to have the top talent on the planet in front of my lens. I am so grateful that the wonderful photography team at BAFTA trusted me to capture the magic of awards season, and I can’t thank Claire and Jordan enough for the commission of a lifetime. Huge thanks to the many minds and hands who made these images possible, it truly takes a village: Claire Rees – Bafta Photo Director Jordan Anderson – Bafta Producer Jeska Hayter – Bafta Photo Coordinator Tayjib Kerstan – Bafta Production Intern Simon Godfrey – Set Builder Danny Murphy – Lighting Supplier Philip Hardman – Lighting Assistant Oliver Mayhall – Digital...

Angela Rayner - The Sunday Times Magazine - Angela Rayner – The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Angela Rayner – The Sunday Times Magazine

I recently photographed Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Angela Rayner, for The Sunday Times Magazine. I’ve photographed several politicians and find most of them to have something in common – they are trying to hide things from you. Angela was the anomaly here, she felt totally open and brutally honest in front of my lens. It was a truly refreshing experience. As brilliant as Angela was to photograph, this was one of those shoots where nothing seemed to go my way to start with: whilst we were setting up my camera packed in, cue a quick change to my spare body, then as time was ticking away I just couldn’t quite recreate the lighting set up I’d tested. But thankfully I had a fab team around me, so thinking on our feet we adapted to the space we had – and in the end I feel came out with something...

BAFTA Film Awards 2023 - BAFTA Film Awards 2023 – Hosts Shoot - Charlie Clift

BAFTA Film Awards 2023 – Hosts Shoot

I was delighted to photograph the hosts of the 2023 EE BAFTA Film Awards, Richard E Grant and Alison Hammond. You might start seeing their faces plastered across billboards around London – send me a snap if you do. Richard and Alison were a brilliant and energetic duo – they danced around the set, posed with (surprisingly heavy) BAFTA awards, and cracked up when they realised they had already met before, but both forgotten. You can see this in action in the timelapse below. I am excited to also be photographing the winners at the BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday 19th February – so watch this space. Thanks to Claire and Jordan at BAFTA for the fab commission, and to my assistants Phil and Olivia.

 - ‘Muck And Mayhem’ – The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

‘Muck And Mayhem’ – The Sunday Times Magazine

Back in the days when the weather was substantially nicer and Jeremy Clarkson marginally less controversial, I spent time at Diddly Squat Farm photographing the team – cow herding with Kaleb, field walking with Lisa, chatting with Charlie, and (trying to) chat with Gerald. Plus of course capturing Jeremy too, whilst he told me about his cows. Thanks to Lisa for encouraging Jeremy to do this American Gothic recreation, to Russ O’Connell for the great idea, Grant Wood for his brilliant painting, and to my assistant Phil for saving my canvas background from falling in too much mud. Read Nick Rufford’s article here: LINK

 - Tom Allen – Channel 4 – National Comedy Awards - Charlie Clift

Tom Allen – Channel 4 – National Comedy Awards

I recently had the pleasure of shooting comedy’s funniest (and most charming) man, Tom Allen, for Channel 4 in celebration of him hosting the National Comedy Awards, on Friday 17th February. I wanted to show Tom in his most natural environment – sprawled on the roof of a black cab, surrounded by adoring fans and paparazzi, of course. This was a really fun and creative shoot, involving some clever behind-the-scenes tricks.  I’ve put together a short video below showing you how we achieved the final shot, featuring fake headlamps, a cherry-picker, and a blank wall. Thanks to Lucille, Alice, Suzi and Susie at Channel 4, to Kit and Leah for MUA and styling, and my assistants Oli and Pim.  

 - Portrait of Britain Vol 5 – Shortlisted - Charlie Clift

Portrait of Britain Vol 5 – Shortlisted

I am proud to announce that my portrait of Gordon Brown has been shortlisted in Portrait of Britain Vol 5. It was fascinating to photograph the ex-Prime Minister in the back room of a Holiday Inn in his Scottish hometown; it all felt a million miles from Number 10, until a besuited security guard walked into the room. Moments later, the man I’d seen a thousand times on the television walked into the room. If you would like to see it in the flesh, the book will be hitting shop shelves in the coming weeks. It’s wonderful to be part of such a varied set of portraits celebrating the diversity of our nation. Massive thanks to Russ O’Connell for commissioning me for this shoot, and to Hoxton Mini Press and the British Journal of Photography for including my picture in their publication.